When providing food warmers, we offer you a choice of mounting to the guard or directly to the counter.
Below, we have provided an illustration and description for either option.
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Mounting the food warmers to the guard is an option that provides for an obstruction-free counter and a clean
look. We work with the equipment supplier to determine the optimum location of the food warmer.  This
coordination is important so that the food warmer is positioned correctly to keep the food at the required
temperature. All wiring is concealed through our posts.
Another option is mounting the food warmers to the counter. This provides for a clean look as all the
hardware matches the finish and shape of the posts. This option allows for last minute changes to the
design or location of the equipment. The food warmer can be moved left to right and front to back as needed
to maintain center over the food. Servicing or moving the food warmer is also easier. All wiring is concealed
through our posts.
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